Test it. Or dump it.
If you think your business idea needs critical review then it probably does.
Seedbelt is a fast and effective way to validate your startup or business idea before you double down on it.
Show me how Seedbelt works
Formulate your business hypothesis
Time to solidify your thoughts. That's mean answering general questions like — what problem you are solving, who's your target customer, what's your goal and other vital points.
We do the research
Niche, demand and competitors analysis to help you see the whole picture.
We create landing page
Copy and design that work together to present and sell your product on a sales page.
We launch micro-marketing campaign
And test it on real customers. We set up AdWords campaign, target ads and track conversions.
Pivot or scale!
It takes only 30 days to guide your project from point 1 to 4. At this point we help you with analyzing metrics you receive, get customer feedback and hold a final meeting.
Seedbelt: Validate your business idea in just 1 week
Life has become super quick. We have to make decisions in no time. We often rush into projects and regret it later. Speed is important. But only if you're running in right direction.
Lack of proper validation can kill more businesses and projects than anything else.
Seedbelt is a service for testing any business ideas for real world created by in-demand market researchers and analysts. We've designed an effective way to quickly analyze and valuate a business idea and to provide honest critical review before you build MVP, hire expensive stuff and seek investment. And we've made it affordable for starting business.
Who's Seedbelt for?
To all career changers who are thinking to quit their desk jobs, to startupers who have nothing but bold idea, to experienced business guru who want a clear and fast idea checking. Take our starter's plan for validating your idea.
We are here not only to forecast but to make your idea feasible using copy and design that work, build sales pages, set advertising campaign and social media, drive traffic to your website and even communicate with press.
Test business hypotheses in bulk before you start growing them or present their pitch decks to VCs and investors.
Why Seedbelt?
Seedbelt was founded by in-demand marketing professionals highly experienced in digital advertising. We've spent years designing new products for big brands, and now we do it faster than you can imagine. So don't spin your wheels learning what we already know. Just save time and use our expertise for testing business ideas before you get to full-scale investment.
Experienced team
We have 10+ year practice in marketing communication, strategy and digital advertising. And we've gathered best designers and copywriters that specialize in designing new products, their communication and conversion.
Easy to start
Seedbelt offers three packages to give a business a proper start in comprehensive time of 1, 2 or 4 weeks.
Transparent and safe
Seedbelt ensures confidentiality and provides detailed reports on the work we perform for you. If you are not satisfied with our report you can send it back for revision.
Our clients
We helped these companies to define and build their amazing products
When it's right time to Seedbelt your idea?
Seedbelt marketing team validation methodology is based on several market research tools. We analyze biggest determinants of your startup value and give you honest numbers.
Before you hire a team
Every project need expensive professionals to work on, every day. In real life, it takes months and nerves to put best people together. Seedbelt team will meet your needs at the early stages of launching your project.
Before you build MVP
No, seriously. MVPs are so 2015. They are often applied to the first release of a half-baked rudimentary product which ends up much more complex and expensive than a 'quick idea test'.
Before you clean out your deposit
Many startupers begin with building MVP using money from their friends or family. And 9 of 10 fail. That's statistics. Seedbelt was created to make you feel secure before you double down on your project.
Choose your plan
Starting a business
Market research
and report

7 days
  • Market trends
  • Market research
  • Market size evaluation
  • Demographics
  • Key USPs
  • Measuring traffic metrics
  • Scanning potential competitors and media channels they utilize
  • CAC and AdWords CTR forecast
  • Keywords research and strategy
  • Target audience segments analysis
  • Forecasting possible launch costs and seed money
Rocket start
Sales page
AdWords campaign
Business assistance

30 days
  • Building landing page and driving traffic
  • Creating sample legal documents for website
  • Business registration assistance
  • Writing and mailout your press release to our list of journalists
Submit your contacts and give your idea a rocket start
Don't speed down. Just get secure you took the right direction.
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